A Different Type of Marathon: a 3-Day Music Festival Marathon

Here is the thing… I do so much more than run and workout and I want to share that side of my life with you as well. I believe living life in balance is the absolute best way to live, to experience, and to keep your sanity! So yes, I run sometimes over 100 miles a month, but I make time for my friends, enjoy a glass of wine or a night out on the town with friends, and I absolutely LOVE to eat. I understand my diet could use some work and to maximize my fitness, I could stand to eat better more often, but I balance out some unhealthy habits with a lot of healthy ones and I am okay with that.

Outside Lands 2016!

This past weekend was a marathon of another kind—one that I have a serious love/hate relationship with. Three-day music festival weekends are so much amazingness, but they never fail to leave me totally drained and needing a weekend to recover from my weekend. And this weekend was not an exception.

To start, my little brother arrived from Chicago late on Thursday night. It’s been almost 6 years since he last visited me in SF and it’s actually been way too long since we have even seen each other. We both really love music and thought that what better way to enjoy a weekend in SF together, than go to Outside Lands! This was my third year in a row that I’ve gone and every year has been such a different experience and they have all never disappointed.

The festival started Friday afternoon, but since I am in the middle of marathon training I had to get my long run in for the weekend. I explained to my brother before his arrival that I would be running a 14 mile training run Friday morning and he immediately took the opportunity to bring his skates and join me for the morning workout. He is really into roller blading, like trick skating, and like running is my passion, skating is his. So at 6 am Friday morning we took off in the misty dawn and hit the streets. It was a blast. He was obviously way quicker on wheels than I was on my feet and he would cruise around to explore then meet back up and skate at my pace for a bit so we could chat a little. I think we both agree that this was probably one of the highlights of the weekend. Just and my little brother and me doing something we love together (but separate), getting some exercise, and crushing 14 miles on Friday morning.

Workout: Check.

The rest of the weekend was all fun, drinks, food, lots and lots of dancing, and most importantly music! We saw sooo many good acts and some highlights for me were Halsey, Polica, Ibeyi, Big Grams, Chance the Rapper, and Major Lazer.

Balance: Check.


Outside Lands

The little brother and I

In front of some of the artwork throughout the festival

Me in running shoes and my brother in his skates

Bay Bridge

Josh doing his thing


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