The weekend before last I spent a glorious three days back in Minneapolis for a college friend’s wedding. I went to college at the University of Minnesota and a lot of my college friends still live in the area, so this was a perfect reason to go back and see some of my best friends I haven’t seen in a while. The last time I was in Minneapolis was for my college friend’s funeral, so there were a lot of emotions stirred up upon taking off for this trip. And the weekend was SO needed for all of us. It was full of love, laughter, walks down memory lane, and new memories made.

I won’t go into all the details of my trip, but here is a quick synopsis of my visit. Right after landing I dropped my luggage off at my friend Abbey’s place (Abbey and I were random neighbors in the dorms freshman year, joined the same sorority and lived together all throughout college! Crazy how some things work out like that!) I went with the bride to be and the wedding party to dinner (wedding party included Abbey). Then the group of us staying at Abbey’s had an early night in prepping for a long day the next day.

Friday morning I got up for my 10 mile training run and it was hot and humid, but beautiful and reminded me of all the reasons I hold Minneapolis in a special place in my heart. Then we all had a backyard yoga session that was amazing! We had brunch and the bridal party was off to get ready for the big event.

The wedding rolled around and it was stunning, not a detail missed and the bride and groom filled the room with so much love and beauty. Mid-wedding I get a facetime call from my best friend in San Francisco, I answer, but of course can’t hear anything so I wave and hang up. Then, it dawns on me… Allie doesn’t EVER facetime me…so I think… OMG…She got engaged! I call her back once the speeches are over and YES!!   An my suspicions are confirmed; her and her boyfriend did, indeed, get engaged!! Yay! Fast forward 24 hours back at Abbey’s on Saturday evening while we are prepping for a backyard BBQ with friends. Abbey and her boyfriend come inside and SURPRISE!!! THEY GOT ENGAGED! I couldn’t even believe it. I mean, I could (they were high school sweet hearts, dated other people in college, then got back together after college), but never in my life did I think I’d get to be there the day Abbey got engaged and it was incredibly special and I felt so blessed that her boyfriend decided to pop the question while I was in town and could be there for this special day. So there it was, in just over 24 hours one of my friends got married and two of them got engaged (on top of the other two weddings I am in this year and the additional one I attended. Shesh!)

Now is where I am going to be completely honest and candid. While a huge part of me was ecstatic for all these couples getting married and engaged and embarking on some of life’s biggest and best adventures, I couldn’t help but feel like I was so far behind… I am 28, and while I have had my share of dates (some good and some god awful… don’t even get me started about the time I got a text from one of the date’s fiancé…smh) and “semi-boyfriends,” what it comes down to is, I have been single for the past 6 years. Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% happy single, I am an independent person (hell, I moved to a new state not knowing a soul at age 22 and started a brand new life 1,000s of miles away from home and all my friends!), I get to experience some pretty awesome things and events, I have amazing friends, travel on my own, and quite honestly, live a pretty dope life. But all last week, I just kept thinking how awesome it would be to share this life with someone who wanted to share it with me.

On Monday, after the weekend set in, not going to lie, it was rough. I had pretty bad anxiety, and in and out of tears for the majority of the week. It was an off week for me especially because I hate being that “poor me” person in reaction to other people’s happiness. But that was it. I gave myself one week to feel sorry for myself and then I had to be done. I decided my happiness. This life is not a race and everything will happen that is supposed to in time. I had turn my focus on the positives in my life and there is seriously so many, too many to even list here. But a few that come to top of mind are:

  • My health
  • My running
  • My friends
  • My family
  • My running family
  • Living in, objectively, the best city in the world
  • Being surrounded by so much love

Cheers to all the amazing couples out there you are my inspiration. #goals!


Paddle Boarding on the lake!
The ladies and my newly engaged bestie!

With the new bride!

Minneapolis is so pretty at dawn!

10 mile run around the city

Friends at the wedding!


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