Time. You guys, this may seem weird, but I seriously have an obsession with time. Being on time, managing time, race times, split times, counting down the time…. But really, it’s not thatttt weird (okay, maybe a little bit). Here is the thing, time, when you think about it, is actually one of the single most valued possessions we have. It’s limited, you choose what you do with it, you can give it away, but you certainly can’t borrow it, because you can’t get it back. This goes for everything, not just fitness or working out, but spend your time with purpose on things and people that are important to you.

This is why when people ask me how I have the time for all the training and the workouts my single answer is always—I make the time. We all have exactly 24 hours in a day, so how you choose to use them, is [mostly] up to you. I plan my days, sometimes to the exact minute, so that there is time for me to run, go to the gym, eat, and most importantly, get enough sleep. Now, I completely understand that I am a single 20-something-adult who does not have a boyfriend or a family or children, but I do have a social life, really important friends, a demanding big-girl-job and I make the time to get almost 6+ workouts or runs in a week.

I was at home this weekend and was visiting with my friend who has a three year old and an 8 month old and she asked me how I have all the time. I can’t pretend to relate to the stressors of a parent whose schedule revolves around their little ones, but I said I make time by getting my workouts done right away in the morning, which works best for me. If I get my workout done in the morning, a few things happen for me:

  • I start my day off energized and ready to go (gets your metabolism going too! Yay!)
  • If something comes up at work, and I have to stay late, I don’t miss my workout (because, bills…)
  • If a friend invites me to grab a drink or go to an event after work, my workout is done and I don’t feel like I have to turn down something fun, or miss a workout to hang out with friends (Because, fun is important too)
  • If nothing else is going on, I may get the chance to get a 2nd workout in (Bonus!)
  • I sleep better that night, which means I can get up early and start the routine over again!

Other tips I use for making time to workout:

  • I only allow myself to watch TV on the weekends, I record shows and admittedly binge watch on the weekends
  • I am known to take a 20 minute nap at work after lunch
  • Meal prep on Sunday or a day that work’s best for you- grab and go to make it super easy and quick
  • Pack work clothes and lay out gym clothes the night before so you have less things to think about in the morning
  • Drink coffee (or not, but i do!)
  • Find someone to workout with you if you’re having a hard time getting up in the morning. Having someone holding you accountable is a huge motivator to get your butt out of bed on that cold morning in the middle of winter!

I know that not all of these will work for everyone and everyone’s priorities and life are so different. I also know that learning to balance your life to make time for things that are important is a daily struggle, but learning time management and spending your time with purpose can go a long way. Do what works best for you and if something is important enough, you will make the time.



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