Wow! This weekend was absolutely one for the books.

6 weeks ago I opened my Nike + Run Club app and found an invite to come run the Chicago Marathon with them. I clicked on it immediately and all it said was that I was in. The message was kind of vague and I didn’t quite grasp the fact that Nike was actually going to sponsor my entry into the sold out Chicago Marathon. It wasn’t until a few hours later when a Nike running expert from HQ called me to get my details and make sure I would be able to run with them on October 9th. WHAT!?!? Omg. Amazing, right?!?

The last marathon I ran (my second ever) was the Chicago Marathon in 2014  and I remember it being one of the most incredible races. Needless to say, I was pretty thrilled to find out I got one of the 26 Nike sponsored bibs for the race this year. I was a little hesitant because I knew it was just 4 weeks before the New York Marathon that I had been planning on running for the past 6 months and was training for the past 2 months. I didn’t want to ruin that race by getting hurt or over exerting myself. I did a quick self-check-in and I had been consistently training over the past year with NRC and felt really strong and prepared. I accepted!

The weeks leading up to the race I connected with my Nike running expert to touch base, they checked in on me to see how training was going, and they even sent me some really fun running care packages with all kinds of cool Nike gear. Then, the week of the race I got a call saying that they wanted to do a feature on my story with NRC and that the Nike Chicago crew would want to meet up with me and talk about my story and they had some special experiences planned for me once I arrived in Chicago.

Friday morning of race weekend, three of my NRC running buddies and I were on the first flight out of SFO to ORD at 5 am and touched down in Chicago just before noon. I grabbed lunch with my brother, who lives in Chicago, and found a spot to work all afternoon, because unfortunately, my work doesn’t just stop when I want to jet out of town, but since this was a huge priority for me, I found a way to make it work and I am lucky that I can do my job from anywhere that has WiFi. (work/life balance always!)

A portion of the NRC SF runners on the way to CHI

That evening NRC had a special Local Run planned where I met up with Kathy (Nike Digital Specialist) who would be my contact for the weekend. We chatted about my running experience and went over what was planned for the weekend. After that I left with a group of about 300 NRC runners from all over the world for a little running tour of the city.

NRC Local Run

Saturday morning started out with brunch with my best friend from college, Ali,
and then went to the Nike store for my 1:1 in store gear up. I met with my own personal Nike in store Athlete who got to know a little bit about what I was looking for in running and workout gear. She showed me the limited edition Chicago Marathon Nike LunarGlide 8 running shoes, the latest speed tights, Chicago Marathon tank and jacket, and I even got a bra fitting and a run analysis. I also was able to check out and try on the new Nike+ Apple Watch! The whole morning was captured by one of the photographers and even Nike gifted me all the gear from the day, well minus the watch! I couldn’t even believe it! Nike sure does have a way with making just your average girl who likes to run, like me, feel pretty special. I didn’t even think I could love the brand any more than I did, but wow, they really pulled out all the stops for me this weekend. Seriously, Nike, THANK YOU!

Lucky for you guys in NYC, Chicago, and LA, I found out that you can actually schedule your own personal 1:1 shopping experience right from the Nike+ app! It’s a super easy way to personalize your shopping experience, if you are looking to check out the new winter gear, I would TOTALLY recommend scheduling a session!

Will post everything about my epic race soon, so stay tuned!


Nike 1:1 in-store gear up


The Nike 1:1 crew who was THE best!!
Some of the sweet gear I got




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