Dear My Love, Running,

This Valentine’s Day I would like to thank you for being there for me when I needed someone to lift me up when I was down. For being there for me on good days when the miles felt easy and weightless and on the bad days when my feet felt like cement blocks. You have always been someone I could count on to hold my secrets, wishes, struggles, and doubts safe and you are always there to celebrate my successes and milestones. You never fail to prove me wrong when I don’t think I am good enough or worthy enough. You have shown me that through dedication and hard work that I am strong and I can become greater than I was the day before. My love for you is constantly evolving and changing and through each new obstacle, race, relay, and experience we face together, my love grows deeper and deeper. Even on the days when you bring me pain and injury, I know that getting through it will only make me stronger and more dedicated to keeping myself healthy so that we can be together for a very long time. The feeling of accomplishment I get when we have finished something great together is more special than any card, trophy, medal or tangible item I could ever receive. I don’t think I could ever truly express the happiness you bring to my life or how you make me feel, but I do know that what we have is something special and no one can take that from us. Day in and day out, mile after mile, through success and heartbreak, we are a team, and for that, I thank you.


Me and my two feet.


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