60 Day Slim Down and Shape up

Hey guys! I’m doing a thing. You know… a fitness-y healthy thing, because that’s kinda my thing. It’s more than just a diet, it’s a whole fitness goal. I have a big beach vacation coming up for one of my bestie’s bachelorette weekend in the beautiful Caribbean Island of Anguilla! We’ll be staying at the Four Seasons there (No, I am not a baller nor is this sponsored, but we got an amazing deal through friends who are owners at the private residences there) Anyways, a few weeks ago at another friend’s wedding I found myself in Palm Springs at the pool feeling, well, a little uncomfortable in a swimsuit… I even saw some photos to prove it (I think we all know the feeling). Since I stopped running for the most part a few months ago due to a hip injury, I’ve gained a little extra fluff around the edges, not a lot, but enough to make me a tad uncomfortable with my body. I want to feel fit, confident, and less fluffy the next time I find myself by a pool, and I know something has to change so as of this week, 60 days out from the trip, I’ve decided to focus on strength training, my overall fitness, and keeping a close watch on what I am eating and how I am fueling my body (more real, less crap). Yes, I took before photos, weighed in, and took measurements, and no I am not going to post one now because, hey, it’s a little awkward :). But the goal is to see enough of a change where I feel comfortable sharing before and after with you. I haven’t had a lot of success dieting in the past (most of the time I just eat more because food is all I can think about, sigh) but I want this one to work, I have a real physical goal, a weight loss goal, and most of all a confidence goal.

How is this going to be different you ask? Well my close friend and fitness fanatic, Jess, and I have teamed up and are committed to keeping each other accountable. Jess is probably the best partner for this there is because not only is she the newest Bay Area Lead Instructor at Flywheel, she is super knowledgeable about all things fitness and diet related. She already has been an amazing source for stupid questions I have, like, “how much water should I be drinking a day?” (Answer: A LOT more than I was drinking!) Also, she is an amazing Flywheel instructor, and if you haven’t yet, go take her class!

My plan is to update on my progress weekly and post some of my favorite foods, recipes, tips and, how I’m feeling. ready. set. go!




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