Results and lies

60 days ago I wrote down a goal. In fact, I wrote a blog post on it here. But in short, the weekend prior to that post I found myself at the pool in a swimsuit, feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious. I was still recovering from a running injury and had just let my fitness go a little and it wasn’t a feeling great about my body. (some people will probably think that I looked just fine, and don’t get me wrong, I looked okay! I just felt uncomfortable and unhappy) So I set down some goals to aim for by the next time I would find myself in a swimsuit. That day is tomorrow and tonight I take off for my week long Caribbean vacation!My goal was to lose 10 lbs, and 5 inches.

A few weeks later the Tone it Up Bikini Series was starting and my friend said that she was doing it, I have always been weary of these online fitness programs because they didn’t seem “hard core” enough for a long distance runner. It was pretty much free so I thought, “why not?” Holy crap was I wrong about this program. After the first two workouts I was so sore and it was amazing. I continued to do the workouts every day and hardly even missed the daily workout. Along the way I even connected with other women doing the program and it was so nice to have some people to hold you accountable and going through the same workouts even if we lived separate lives.

So I am sure you are wondering if I ever did meet my goals. The short answer: Yes and No.

For the first few weeks I would step on the scale daily and got so discouraged by the same weight every single day that I stopped even looking at that all together. I was feeling stronger and could tell some small differences in the way my clothes fit. Today was the first time I stepped on the scale and laughed because I was only one pound down from my starting point ARE YOU KIDDING?! Then I went to take my measurements and was shocked to calculate that I had lost 5.75 inches total (between waist, bust, hips, arms, legs). That’s insane! I have always been so fixated on the number on the scale and now, finally, I am a true believer that that number is just lies. It literally doesn’t tell you a damn thing about your fitness or your strength or you as a person. I am happy to leave these before and after photos here for you to become a believer too, I literally only weigh one pound less between the photo on the left and the photo on the right, but I will let you be the judge if that number tells the whole story.



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