Hi, I am Jenni, and welcome to a glimpse of my life as a runner.

I am a late 20-something professional in San Francisco who started her “running career” around 2010 after graduating college and moving to the west coast (read a little bit about how I got started here). I grew up in the Midwest, but currently reside in San Francisco. I love fitness everything, but running, spinning, yoga, and circuit training group fitness classes are my jam. Outside of fitness, I equally enjoy eating out at new restaurants, planning fun events with friends, traveling, exploring San Francisco, going to concerts, Packers football, and Warriors basketball. For me, it’s all about a little life balance. Finding the perfect balance in life is hard—work is demanding, there is never enough time, and motivation comes and goes, but I believe that to be completely happy, it’s necessary to find a balance of all things that make you feel alive and grow. It’s about finding the best version of yourself and it’s here where I’ll share with you about my passions and the things I love; running, friends, fitness, photos, and fun.

Through this platform, I want to share my journey and love of running and fitness with you and I hope you find some inspiration of your own, a few interesting adventures, and some fun stories.


Featured In

Nike Chicago Athlete Feature (accessible via the Nike app)


When the World Comes to Town,” Take The Bridge Journal, November 2016



**Notice: I am not a certified trainer or dietitian. All thoughts and posts are based on my own experience and  should not be taken as medical advice. Please consult your doctor before trying any new diets or workouts. All thoughts are my own and are not sponsored views unless otherwise noted.