60 Day Slim Down and Shape up

Hey guys! I’m doing a thing. You know… a fitness-y healthy thing, because that’s kinda my thing. It’s more than just a diet, it’s a whole fitness goal. I have a big beach vacation coming up for one of my bestie’s bachelorette weekend in the beautiful Caribbean Island of Anguilla! We’ll be staying at the Four Seasons there (No, I am not a baller nor is this sponsored, but we got an amazing deal through friends who are owners at the private residences there) Anyways, a few weeks ago at another friend’s wedding I found myself in Palm Springs at the pool feeling, well, a little uncomfortable in a swimsuit… I even saw some photos to prove it (I think we all know the feeling). Since I stopped running for the most part a few months ago due to a hip injury, I’ve gained a little extra fluff around the edges, not a lot, but enough to make me a tad uncomfortable with my body. I want to feel fit, confident, and less fluffy the next time I find myself by a pool, and I know something has to change so as of this week, 60 days out from the trip, I’ve decided to focus on strength training, my overall fitness, and keeping a close watch on what I am eating and how I am fueling my body (more real, less crap). Yes, I took before photos, weighed in, and took measurements, and no I am not going to post one now because, hey, it’s a little awkward :). But the goal is to see enough of a change where I feel comfortable sharing before and after with you. I haven’t had a lot of success dieting in the past (most of the time I just eat more because food is all I can think about, sigh) but I want this one to work, I have a real physical goal, a weight loss goal, and most of all a confidence goal. Continue reading “60 Day Slim Down and Shape up”