Results and lies

60 days ago I wrote down a goal. In fact, I wrote a blog post on it here. But in short, the weekend prior to that post I found myself at the pool in a swimsuit, feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious. I was still recovering from a running injury and had just let my fitness go a little and it wasn’t a feeling great about my body. (some people will probably think that I looked just fine, and don’t get me wrong, I looked okay! I just felt uncomfortable and unhappy) So I set down some goals to aim for by the next time I would find myself in a swimsuit. That day is tomorrow and tonight I take off for my week long Caribbean vacation! Continue reading “Results and lies”


Chicago Marathon Part 1: A Special Weekend with Nike

Chicago Marathon Part 1: A Special Weekend with Nike

Wow! This weekend was absolutely one for the books.

6 weeks ago I opened my Nike + Run Club app and found an invite to come run the Chicago Marathon with them. I clicked on it immediately and all it said was that I was in. The message was kind of vague and I didn’t quite grasp the fact that Nike was actually going to sponsor my entry into the sold out Chicago Marathon. It wasn’t until a few hours later when a Nike running expert from HQ called me to get my details and make sure I would be able to run with them on October 9th. WHAT!?!? Omg. Amazing, right?!? Continue reading “Chicago Marathon Part 1: A Special Weekend with Nike”