Presenting the Lululemon Enlite Bra!

Presenting the Lululemon Enlite Bra!

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be a part of a special women-only Barry’s Bootcamp class taught by Erica Stenz where lululemon was introducing their “latest and greatest” Enlite bra before the product hit the stores. The week of the class all attendees were required to go to the store for a bra fitting (okay, okay twist my arm lulu!) Upon arrival I was greeted with super helpful associates who helped me find a perfectly fitting bra. And when I say perfectly fitting, I mean it. This bra comes in so many sizes that even my 32D was accommodated perfectly, which is rare. Lulu went above and beyond during the bra fitting and when they told me that not only do I get the bra, but I also got to pick up and entire outfit, my jaw hit the floor.

My first thought after putting it on was that there is no way this bra will be able to keep my girls in place during any high impact workout. It was so soft, comfortable, and I didn’t feel squeezed into it like sausage (why is this how I think bras shouldn’t feel???) But hey! they were giving everyone in the class a free bra, of course I was going to give it a test run.

There is nothing like putting a bra through the true test like wearing it through a Barry’s class where you are dripping sweat, lifting, running, jumping, sprinting, and moving just about every way possible. And let me tell you, this bra really did feel as great during the workout as it did when I was trying it on. I was shocked at how comfortable, yet supportive it felt. I waited a few weeks to write this review because I wanted to see if it really lived up to its “be free to move” motto in workouts like yoga and long distance running outdoors. With most of my bras, I usually had to change styles or types if I was going straight from a yoga class to a run or vice versa because none of my bras are built for both and I always thought packing and using up two bras for one sweat sesh was annoying. Trust, your girl here with the 32D cannot go marathon training in her built-in-bra yoga-top or cute-strappy yoga bra, it’s not cute or comfortable or sustainable (I’m trying to keep the girls perky as long as possible!)

This was a serious winner in every test I put it through. It was consistently comfortable and didn’t chafe during a longer run and I felt free and un-constricted during all the yoga classes I took in it and the crisscross straps in the back are even cute, for a high support bra. Even though it’s $100 price tag almost doubles the price of my old favorite running bra (moving comfort, Juno), I would still recommend this to a friend who is willing to invest in something comfortable and versatile.


*All thoughts are my own and this was an unsolicited review.